Electroblock service menu dt201 and dt 203, solar & batt capacity

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    Jan 24, 2012
    On these there is "hidden" service menu that allows you to turn on /off the facility for
    solar charge display, battery capacity, eis (I think heater for gas regulator?)

    To access the service menu the panel should be off, ie press the 12v off switch.

    Then press together Menu and OK , hold them on for 5 seconds.

    Panel now wants a code, for my hymer it is 8251. I believe it to be same for all hymers, other makes will have their own different code.

    To enter code use + or - to get right number and then press ok.

    After all 4 numbers have been entered you will be offered the option to turn on or off the various options, if you change any you must then press ok or the setting will not be saved.

    Press menu for the next option.

    The options are offered one at a time and you must go through each one until the one you want to alter.

    To exit the menu just wait 30 seconds, or press the 12v button.

    I have used this facility to add solar readouts and battery capacity.
    This info is NOT in the DT201 or DT203 info from Schaudt. These manuals can be downloaded from Schaudt website.

    Have to admit I have used info from a guy called Dave I found posted elsewhere on internet.

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