Dometic mobile engineer Benelux, East France & Western Germany

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    Oct 15, 2013
    Niesmann + Bischoff use this Dometic Authorised Engineer in their service department as and when required at Polch. They called him in to help me out to replace a mains element in my Dometic fridge freezer.

    He was very efficient, tested his work and did the job in about 45 minutes which was from the outside, through the bottom vent, all by feel as you cannot see the unit.

    He has good English and is a mobile engineer covering Eastern France, Luxumburg, Belgium, and West Germany. I don't know what his precise area of working but worth giving him a call if you have an emergency on holiday.
    My repair cost €58 in parts and €40 labor, total €98.

    Bjorn Huttermann
    Oberdorfstrasse 4
    56745 Hausten
    Tel: 02655 - 942328
    Mobiler-Service: 0173 - 9504160
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