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    Aug 19, 2013

    We are new to this never owning a motorhome so please bare with us.

    With our budget we are looking at 1993ish Hymer S555 NA ( maybe turbo )
    or poss a 1995 Hymer B544

    Now do we go for the merc older retro style or the newer style 2.5 turbo Fiat

    I am sure this has been asked many times but as I may be able to get to germany in a few days where I have seen a S555 Turbo advertised so thought I would ask.

    Many thanks
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    May 5, 2011
    The Mercedes is a chain drive engine and not a cam belt, so maybe better in that respect. We've found Mercedes spares no problem through our local Mercedes Truck Dealership. Ours is 1992.

    The S555 is on a 310D base, and does not have twin wheels at the back. Hence the load carrying is not as good as the bigger 410D based ones like the S660 and S700, though being over 3.5 ton these will need a pre '97 driving licence or further tests - but HGV tax is cheaper at £165 a year!

    We love ours, and wouldn't change. The Mercedes base is big, slow and reliable. I'd guess a turbo would be an after market fitting.


    PS S Class layouts are on our blog site in the About section, taken from a site that sadly has now gone from the Internet.
    Do check out the number of seat belt positions and check for yourself the legal and your insurance position, ours only has two belts on the two front seats. This may be an issue for you.
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