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    Hi all, I bought a smart car 2 weeks ago, it came with a Caratow A frame, it was a private deal, I handed my money over and just as a side line I am told the braking system not connected, you dont needed it, well sat and thought and read threads on this site and others and decided to get it sorted, I contacted Caratow, they could not have been more helpful, 2 phone calls later and the jobs done, considering I was not the original purchaser I think the service was outstanding, they also did offer to sort it, for a fee obviously but nothing pushy, they also ran over how to use the system.

    Customer service like this is sadly missing, so it was refreshing to be on the receiving end of their help.

    I would recommend the company to any one.

    To the Mods.
    If my recommendation goes against forum rules, I apologise, and feel free to alter it, it will not detract from the A1 service I received.


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