The Golden Farm, Cirencester
The Golden Farm, Cirencester

The Golden Farm, Cirencester

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The Golden Farm pub ( is about a 10-15 minute walk to Cirencester town centre. At the moment there is only outside seating in marquees and wooden ‘pods’, but they now have a camping area behind the pub with Motorhome stayovers welcome (see their website). The walk into town is suitable for dogs, going via pavements and open spaces - look on Google maps - and Cirencester itself is very dog-friendly![ATTACH type="full"...
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Update, 01/01/22……..
Unfortunately The Golden Farm is up for sale, and has closed, so is no longer available for overnight stays…….:(
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Update, 23/04/22…….
The Golden Farm has re-opened (under New Management), so I’ll ‘pop-in’ to see if they’re still offering overnight stops……
I hope you lot appreciate what I have to do to keep you informed…..!!!;)
Currently, the overnight area for Motorhomes is NOT in use - I shall update when (if?) it becomes available……….:cautious:

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