Clinique Vétérinaire des Epinettes, Laon

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I used this vet on 29 March 2021 to obtain a new Pet Passport for my dog. The vet was uncertain as to whether they could issue a passport using the existing UK rabies certification so my dog was given a rabies booster. The total cost for the passport, rabies booster and worming treatment was 47,55€ .

The chief vet, Dr Bouton, speaks good English and it was he who replied to my initial email enquiry about obtaining a new pet passport. Four vets work at the Clinique and the vet I saw, Dr...
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Another question Maz 🙂, cos it popped up elsewhere. Did you have to use a French address and the chip be registered on the i-Cad register? Many thanks 👍🏼
Hi Bob and Janie. Apologies, I’ve only just seen your post here (I didn’t get any alert).

No, I didn’t need a French address. The vet left the first page of the passport blank and said I could fill it in myself, so I did with an English address. :Smile:

There was no mention of registering her existing microchip so I guess not.
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