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An opportunity to buy one of these high class bikes fell on my lap. One of these too good to refuse offers. Wow its an absolute delight to ride. Super quiet motor, lovely handle grips and nice folding mechanism. Cycled 63 miles mainly a mixture of assist level 2 to full throttle and by this time the battery was low but it just wanted to keep on giving. At home turned the lights on every 10 mins for an hr and still no flat battery. Whats of most benefit to me!....A seller that actually...
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Wife and I have a pair of folding Wispers. Never ever got the battery half dead!
Gearing seems set for 15mph maximum and then your legs start windmilling like a cartoon.
Can the gearing be changed or will it affect the motor?
I think that was the same company that I bought some conversion kits off when deciding whether to take the eBike plunge or not?

Strong motors and batteries, I have coupled one to a Rohloff gearbox, itā€™ll get me up any hill. With a drop seat, I come to a dignified halt rather than falling over šŸ§. I still use it. Blooming marvellous.
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