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We have had this fitted to our Fiat Maxi XLWB for over 2 years with no problems.
Comparing it to the standard Fiat leaf spring it transforms a builders van drive into a luxury on rails feel and reduces rattles and knocks.
Our van is an extra high top so is taller than many lowline coachbuilts, so body roll was an issue on windy motorways and when passing artics.
Since fitting we have had to carry out an emergency stop and noticed the improvement, as the front does not dike when on standard...
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we purchased our van second hand and VB Full air was already fitted. It makes a huge van really smooth and comfortable to drive. The harshness of commercial vehicle suspension is a thing of the past now. I would happily invest in having it fitted to any future vehicle I buy

Now the bad bit. Not long after purchasing the van, the front air struts started to leak badly. On investigation it was discovered that the initial install was at fault and both the front strut top seals had been left loose and worn into an egg shape. VB are aware of this happening and provide a service kit if you can source it, but wow is it expensive. Repairing the faults and servicing the suspension cost nearly £1,500. If you turn your steering full lock left or right and hear a hissing sound, then your's too needs repair before it fails
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