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Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag
Our multiple award-winning Duvalay™ combines optimum sleeping comfort with incredible ease of use.

This ever-popular product consists of a bottom pocket with your choice of either memory foam or - NEW for 2017 - FreshTec foam, and the top pocket houses a duvet. Simply unroll the Duvalay™ to use.

Our special OFFER combination packs are a particularly good way to save money.

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We purchased a replacement mattress for our 11 year old Swift Bolero after deciding to keep the van rather than buying a new one. (We also had the van re-upholstered). Ordering on-line was easy and they sent a template to check the size/shape were correct. We could have opted for a fast delivery at an additional cost but were not in a hurry; it was delivered at the expected time (although an earlier date would have let us do a weekend trial run). This was not a problem, however, and the mattress turned out to be just as comfortable as the very expensive top-brand we'd not long bought for our bed at home.

They are not the cheapest brand on the market, but being suppliers of the original mattress we felt happier rather than choosing cheaper alternatives.
I managed to pick one up second hand and am absolutely thrilled with it. As others have said, it is a pain to put the topper and quilt back in the covers after washing but so worth it. Single quilts end up on the floor for me and doubles just drag on the floor (I sleep in a single bed in my van), this is perfect though.
We love our matress which we have on our island bed. It is fantastically comfortable and we don't suffer from over heating (even in 38c this year at Lake garda). The other advantage is it saves the original matress from wear and tear so when you come to sell if you don't pass on the Duvalay at least the original matress remains in mint condition. Definitely recommend.

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