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Duvalay Memory Foam Sleeping Bag
Our multiple award-winning Duvalay™ combines optimum sleeping comfort with incredible ease of use.

This ever-popular product consists of a bottom pocket with your choice of either memory foam or - NEW for 2017 - FreshTec foam, and the top pocket houses a duvet. Simply unroll the Duvalay™ to use.

Our special OFFER combination packs are a particularly good way to save money.
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Bought 2 extra wides and they are great, so easy to manage when you do not wish a van with a permanent bed . We get them out of the bag and they just unroll ready to go . We bought the pack with spare covers and have no regrets at all . Pricey but you only get what you pay for these days, and are very comfy.
I thought it was very poor, not comfortable and made both of us very hot we also thought it had a strange odour about it.
Used it a hand full of times but just could not get on with it, i dont think its a patch on the latex topper i now have from ikea not cheap at £100 just for a topper but very comfy, we dont get hot and no chemical odour, I wonder sometimes if it would ever have got off the ground properly without dragons den name attached to it
Obviously just our opinion others think there great just not for us .
I wanted a mattress topper for our Ayers Rock, we needed to have a custom topper and they sent out a pdf of the measurements they held on file, we checked the measurements and made a few alterations to those supplied and returned them to Duvalay.
It was £8.95 delivery for 10-14 days or £18.95 expedited delivery of 2-3 days; I phoned them as it was just 11 days before our first trip abroad and they agreed to get it to us by the day before at the latest at the cheaper delivery price. 3 days later I added 1 duvet cover, some pillow cases and 2 fitted sheets to be made to our previously supplied measurements and asked them to add them to the topper order.
It was a very pleasant service throughout and was clearly explained at every step. I found them a pleasure to deal with and would readily order from them again.

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