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Hi all,

Purchased a 2nd hand 2009 Autocruise Starburst from Stowford on the 21st and the only drive I’ve had is from the trader site to home because of this virus, anyway.

The dealer gave me a great part ex against the van for our Ford Herald Squire CK 1998 and glad we did. Nice van to drive, plenty of pull, large garage area, satellite and solar panel to boot, 12 months tax and 6 months warranty.

The dealer was fair, honest and...
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1 March 2021
I bought a new Bailey 74/2 from Stowfords South Wales and it was delivered to me due to covid rules at the beginning of March!

We has spent some time looking at other models/makes at other dealerships in South Wales and were VERY impressed with the service and complete lack of high pressure sales at Stowford. The other dealers could not wait to take my deposit off me and were unwilling to show me models available.
The transaction at Stowfords was pleasurable and stress free!

The new van has had a few minor issues which have been or are being dealt with. Part delivery from Bailey is painfully slow but bit the fault of the team at Stowfords.

They have done what they can and chased Bailey on my behalf.

I have had two problems with the Peugeot bit of the unit, specialised bits which could not be picked up IMO by a motorhome technician.

Tbe main one was the fact the air con was NOT filled with gas upon leaving the factory! Peugeot refused to rectify this under warranty and I was presented with a £200 bill!
Stowfords immediately refunded my £200 upon my reporting the matter to them!

The second niggle is that the steering wheel is not aligned but has been fitted at 22.5 degree angle! Again Peugeot refuse to rectify this under warranty! I have made a complaint to Peugeot and await a response but this is not a problem that I would expect Stowfords to be able to rectify.

I would highly recommend Stowfords South Wales for price and service!
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