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Reno-V8 Smart Repairs and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment​

Here at Reno-V8, we have many years of experience in the automotive repair industry and currently serve all of Leeds. We offer cost effective SMART repairs that utilise the latest technology in order to have your car looking as good as new in just a few hours. This service will be carried out by one of our friendly and reliable experts, who will be...
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‘Can do’ attitude
We got into a literal narrow scrape in our 2012 Bailey 620 on our first trip to Wales. Going down a narrow lane we ripped off trim and marker light on the near side and damaged the rear light cluster fairing on the driver’s side.
We contacted several bodywork specialists sending them photos of the damage and full van details. Of the 20% of eight enterprises who replied only one quoted for a repair. The other repliers pointed put that the age of the van, 2012, meant that Bailey had no replacement parts and that was that. The enterprise that did give a quotation of £1160, was unable to say when the work could be carried out.
Where we store the van is a Volvo dealer and there is a mobile paint and dent repairer who works there periodically. I spoke to John Pinder of Reno-V8 and he came over and looked at the damage. His comment was “I can fix that!”.

That was on a Tuesday. On Friday he messaged me that he’d do the work over the weekend. On Sunday he sent us photos of the work done and said he’d complete the work on Monday. True to his word, he texted on Monday to say the work was complete and sent photos. We were very impressed and went out to look at the van. You couldn’t even see where the repairs were. He’d made up the damaged end cap and trim with fibreglass and filler, put the new trim in the right places, all colour matched and sprayed. One really couldn’t see where the damage had been.
His charge was a fraction of what we’d been quoted by the other business.
So, all in all, he was as helpful as could be, very pleasant and friendly, he undertook the work almost immediately, kept us informed throughout and delivered a great result at a very fair price.
I asked him if he was happy for me to publicise his business and he was only too pleased
The mechanics at the garage who are unconnected to John’s business all spoke very highly of John’s abilities and said he could fix most things.
I have no hesitation in recommending him.IMG_3017.jpegIMG_0977.jpegIMG_0976.jpegIMG_3028.jpegIMG_3027.jpeg

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