Outwell Kenai Chair

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Outwell Kenai Chair

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Purchased two of these to replace a pair of expensive and comfortable sun loungers which however were difficult to store. With the addition of the detachable footrests we've found them comfortable and far easier to use as chairs to sit at a table than sun-loungers. Overall the cost was similar to the high spec loungers.
Lightweight but have survived four seasons now with no sign of wear or damage. Well recommended.
As said by M-J chairs are comfy and recline.
They have an extendable headrest but it could be of sturdier construction.
Better than a number of others as they have individual legs rather than crossbars that can be awkward to position if ground is rough.
Fold down very flat for easier storage.
Love our Kenai Chairs, lightweight and very comfy as they recline, we also purchased the matching footstools than clip on easily.
Very good chairs, when you get up for something you can bet someone is sitting in yours before you get back!
Friendly professional service from qualified technicians
Passionate about energy
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