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When you’re out exploring somewhere new, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you’re properly covered.
Our policy includes European cover so you can explore without worry. Plus, we offer a high level of cover as standard including things you can pay extra for with other companies, such as our Mutual Assist breakdown cover provided by the RAC (when travelling in the UK) and Motor Legal Protection.

All this means our cover is rated 5 Star by Defaqto – talk to your local agent today and see how we can look after you on your adventures.

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5.00 star(s)
I have been with NFU with previous MoHo's/RV's and have been excellent. We have home contents, and car insurance with them.

Tried all usual insurers with our latest RV and there were some ridiculous quotes, Safeguard won't cover the IOM, along with a couple more.

So ring NFU, Louth. Slight problem because I had a new LPG conversion fitted, and it wasn't on the LPG register. All sorted now, and although it isn't the cheapest, it certainly covers what we wanted and is the best for us by far.

Customer Loyalty at Renewal
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Helpfullness and Attitude
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5.00 star(s)
I switched to NFU when I changed my van because they were the only company who would insure £150,000 motorhome without the demand of a Tracker. Don't get me wrong I have fitted a tracker but it is the van-bitz non-starter tracker as opposed to the Cat? Thacham which you have to pay an additional amount for each year.

I too found that when I phoned their head office they said theat I would need to have insurance with them already, so I phoned Salisbury office and got totally welcomed into the NFU world. The price I pay for my Frankia Platin Plus 840 is less than half what I would have been charged with Safeguard.

I was so impressed with both the £ price and the way I was dealt with that I have offered them all my insurance business. For some reason though whilst they now have our home and contents and our S-Max they can't get anywhere near SAGA on the new Range Rover.
Customer Loyalty at Renewal
5.00 star(s)
Helpfullness and Attitude
5.00 star(s)
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Sadly when I tried the Salisbury office after trying my local office ,they said if the local NFU couldn't offer me insurance neither could they. Frankia i649 SD because it was too long, 6.45m and it was over 3.5t. Similar spec to you regarding security.
5.00 star(s)
Insurance arranged by calling freephone no, not local office

I wrote my car off 15/12/ 17
Insurance included 2 yr gap
And recovery

Called from the car to NFU
recovery arranged
as we were less then a mile from home
i asked them to call us when recovery was close I would return
it was freezing cold we walked home

They called to say recovery was near car picked up
I and all our stuff was deposited and car transported to
Secure lock up

Call the next day from repair company when do you want your
Hire car delivered
( no special insurance as NFU insured it against my car policy)
Car was mine till own fixed or sold on for salvage

Waiting game for assets report verdict beyond economical recovery
As per assessor , he said what the rite off value was £3000 less than new price I pointed out GAP insurance replaced as new
(Due to private plate he hadent twigged the age

When declared as write off garage wanted their loan car back
NFU called and said you have 2 weeks hire car as it’s a write off when do you the car arrangements made
In the meantime an agreement was made
(I had found the same car in stock ready for immediate delivery )
Only difference was the colour and a panoramic roof
£ 800 .differance called up NFU and said forget the hire car
Can you arrange with the garage the car put on the road for me
Chap on the phone said it has to be same for same

He said hang on best price I can get a similar car was is
£1400 dearer so he said we will pay that as a cheque
You buy it and we will transfer remains policy to it

Cheque arrived I cashed in my isa paid the cheque in
Paid by debit card for the car cost of plate transfers to new car was also covered
All that and I was a brand new driver for insurance
(drove company vehicles all working life ) car insurance in wife’s name
For 40 years except for classics ( years didn’t count)

Length of time taken accident 15/12/17 new car collected 03/01/18
Increase on premium it rose by a hundred pounds
Accident was completely my fault and God’s decision to blind me with his sunlight at 15:00 in the pm

Strange thing is asked about house insurance they were £150 dearer
Than currant policy

Well that’s my findings with NFU (y)(y)
Claim Handling
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Customer Loyalty at Renewal
5.00 star(s)
Helpfullness and Attitude
5.00 star(s)
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