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Leisure Tech North East Ltd. is a caravan and motorhome service and repair centre. The areas that we cover in the North East are but not limited to are as follows; Teesside, North Yorkshire and County Durham.

The business was established 10 years ago by Lawrence Mortimer as a mobile based engineer to meet the demand for caravan and motorhome servicing and repairs. Through high quality workmanship, fantastic customer service and great reliability, a good customer base was formed.

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Solar Panel Fitting
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June 2023
Issue with faulty 100 watt solar panel to be replaced under warranty paid for through TMO warranty company.
We asked for a similar profile panel to be fitted similar to existing. Yes they could but it would be a 160 watts as thats what they fit.
We were informed work was co8mpleted and we could have the van back when TMO paid. We were informed that payment had been made so went to pick van up, only to be told work wasn't completed as solar controller hadn't arrived and existing feet hadn't been taken off. Told we would be informed when it arrived.

Once home got the steps out to take a look at work. Not the same profile, the feet were an integral part of the panel and so the panel couldn't be removed without a grinder to cut them of. Sikaflex smeared on roof and on the panel, 2 cable joints on the roof and cable left in a loop under the panel.

Telephoned with our complaint and told he could take the panel off and put it back on, bring it in and he would show us. At the workshop we were told that yes it has to be cut off and a story about his supplier doing this to stop people taking the panels off when they sell the vehicle. We told him the standard of work was not acceptable. Told to bring it in and he would pull it off the roof and re fit a smaller 100 watt panel, this was after he said he didn't want to remove the exisisting feet in case he damaged the roof.
The invoice to TMO was for just over £1700 - and for this we got a panel, old cable cut and jointed onto the new one so now 2 joints on roof. Existing conduit turned through 90degrees and old joint left in it. After several weeks the cheapest solar controller I have ever seen posted to us. It has taken 2 months discussing with TMO and they are now accepting that work is sub standard and not carried out as per invoice.
We have come to the conclusion there is little that can be done as we have been informed the Limited Company has stopped trading.
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