Jormax Windbreaks

We bought one of these 4 years ago a 5 pole version so easy to use and very robust it will be the last wind break you will buy the only thing I carry is a spare coach bolt as they can snap after some heavy use with the hammer.
Very impressed with the service and the windbreak. We placed our order for two 5 metre windbreaks with a door last Tuesday. We received it on Thursday and took it with us on Friday to Dorset. It was easy to erect and stood firm the whole weekend.

Fantastic quality and highly recommended.
I've had mine for 3 years or so. We're in North Devon at the moment suffering 30mph+ winds with gusts up to 40mph or so. The windbreak has been up for 5 days so far and I must admit to having given the posts an extra tap or two during that time. No other windbreaks on site are still standing.
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We bought a grey mesh one at the Malvern show last year after reading reviews about it.
It's easy to put up and it withstands strong winds. No flapping panels that need banging in again.
Well worth the money.
We've had our Jormax windbreaks for almost ten years. They are simplicity in itself to erect. The poles are tough. We've banged them through rubble and semi-hardstanding and they never complain. Once in Portugal we made holes in the compressed rubble hardstanding and after a particularly heavy storm the Jormax were the only windbreak standing on the site. Nothing can compare to these.

You see other windbreaks with guy lines to trip over, yet they still fall over before the Jormax. There is one make that others swear by that need extra poles attached at 45 degree angles to brace windbreak, common on long term sites to form a boundary but no use when you need a good windbreak up quickly. the Jormax can be erected in a minute or two max, no guy ropes, no extra support poles. The tension poles give it the rigidity it needs making it strong enough to be an excellent dog enclosure.

I cannot recommend the Jormax highly enough. Jormax is a family company and they are motorhomers. The king of windbreaks, don't waste your money on others. Easy 5 stars.
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