Ikea Samtidig crockery (like Corelle)

Ikea Samtidig crockery (like Corelle)

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Ikea Samtidig crockery (like Corelle)
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We bought a few items from this small range a few years ago to use at home.
We wanted smaller plates to encourage portion control!
The plates and bowls have been used daily for 2 or 3 years.
We did manage to break a plate but it was a straight drop from a wall cupboard to a hard floor.
A couple of bowls have stained/discoloured in places which surprised us, but as I said we use them all the time.
We use plastic tableware in the van as its always falling out of the cupboards!
Used it for 3 years now. Slighly thicker than correlle but otherwise just as good.
Only 50p a piece in white toughened glass.
Not broken one yet
we always used to use only correle in the van for many years. Unfortunately Brenda's disability also involves her frequently dropping things. So we went through a phase where several plates in the van shattered.
On advice we tried the ikea glass plates. I can confirm that they are every bit as good as correle and at a budget price. They seem absolutely unbreakable by dropping, although one plate chipped on the edge. If there is one criticism it is the choice of white or er white
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