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A family run business with a passion for motor homes with a team of experienced motor home users. Offering full sales, after service and ongoing customer care since 1983
Contact us on 01452 857131
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March 2016
We purchased our Burstner 680g in 2016 from this independent dealer. Richard couldn't have been more accommodating to my wife and I throughout our purchase and ownership.

Our first visit was just to have a look and we informed them that we were not in the market, just looking! Richard left it to us to poke around as much as we wanted, answering any questions when required, which there were many. Being very local to us, we made a few visits in a short space of time and we had soon set our sights on the 680g but still advising we were 12 to 18months off from being in a position to buy. Richard even let us take a test drive as I'd not driven a MH before.

Well after some heated discussions with her indoors (should have been a three plan before getting a MH!), juggling finances and selling our 10 month old T@B caravan. Within six weeks of our first visit, an order was placed. We obtained an excellent price without the need of any haggling and Richard's product knowledge of the extensive extras list was excellent.

Richard kept us well advised of the order and build process right through to delivery. The presentation of the vehicle on handover was excellent and the additional items I'd purchased had been professionally installed.

The minor teething issues experienced since taking delivery, have all been resolved in no time at all and Richard and the team always make the effort to make you feel more than just another customer.

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