Bought the later design cobb bbq and to be honest I think cobb have ruined what was a really excellent product, they are an absolute nightmare to clean, a really dirty chore, the actual briquette chamber, not the briquette basket, is pressed into position unlike the older model where it lifted, so now when you want to clean it, you tip out the residue ash and it all sticks to the "moat" (firebowl) whereas wit the old one you could lift out the briquette basket, then the actual briquette basket chamber, then you could lift out the firebowl "moat" and save all the juices before wiping the moat clean with kitchen roll, if you want to save the juices, you now have to source a "turkey baster" ,looks similar to a hydrometer and try and suck all the juices up, not very successful but better than nothing, it became such a messy job to clean that I sold mine, at a great loss, however, I must admit that it cooks food perfectly, even if it is grossly overpriced.
had my cobb for more years than I can remember, and have done everything from bread, to chilli to our favourites which is a roasted joint, and now they have the liners its even easier to clean after, friends have just bought themselves cobbs and race weekends have become even better with three cobbs on the go to cook for 6/7 one doing bread, one doing chilli and another with jackets/corn on the cobb


Have to agree with all the Cornish boy has said except we use the Aussie heat beads instead. They will cook for nearly four hours on a full fire basket, easily enough to to cook any large chicken or joint of meat.

We even have the ring extension for the lid so no problem with the beer can chicken.

Another thing with the heat beads is that if you have finished cooking and there is still plenty of life left in the heat beads is that you can drop the fire basket into a bucket of cold water. Then when cooled down take them out let them dry and they can be used again.

When the beads are left to burn out fully you just have a pile of light bead type ash which can safely be disposed of in the wast bin.

Hope this of some help

We have had our Cobb from when we were jollying around in boats as it can be used on teak tables without any worry due to the outside surfaces remaining cool at all times when cooking.
When we bought the motorhome, the Cobb was one of the first items to find a home in it.

Only ever use the Cobblestones which heat up really quickly (although there is a bit of a knack to lighting them) and each 'stone' lasts long enough to cook with or to enjoy a leisurely BBQ whatever the variation of meats/food.

We purchased the extra pans/bits and use it regularly to cook everything from sausages to a rack of ribs and from a paella to a curry. It even gets used at home when the SIL comes around as he loves BeerCan Chicken and often brings a different beer/chicken combo to try out. I use Cobblestone's to cook a chicken and although I notice that some others say a cobblestone doesnt last long enough to cook one, I personally have never had a problem.

Mrs Cornish Boy isn't that keen on smoked meats so the cast iron smoke pot only really gets used in anger when she is away and I have time to smoke some pork, ribs or fish but the end result is (in my opinion) amazing!

If you keep the inner tray around the burner topped up with water when cooking, the cleaning isn't too much of a hardship and a quick spray with Fairy PowerClean when it is cooled down, left for 20 minutes before being washed means it soon looks like new again.
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Did buy one a few years ago but soon sold it, too messy to clean.
I've had one about 4 years now. I was lucky got it second hand and it came with just about everything. Roasting is its main job, any joint comes out great. As a BBQ you do need the griddle for really good results. The frying pan is also great for cooking pizza on. The only thing I haven't used is the wok.
We bought a Cobb about 4 years ago but we replaced it after about a year. Where you can light a charcoal BBQ and have the facilities to clean it out afterwards it is good. You need good quality charcoal or use the purpose made circular things Cobb sell. The latter are good but aren't as easy to light as they should be.
A big advantage is you can use it on a table, even a wooden one, without damaging what it is sitting on.
Unfortunately, it does really need cleaning out after use as fat collects in the bottom and if you have to store it at the bottom of a wardrobe in a PVC as we had to, then unless it is cleaned it will soon get smelly.
We do still use it, but now only at home. For the 'van we have replaced it with a small Cadac which is much better for use on Mediterranean campsites.
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This is a fantastic piece of kit ,we have the gas powered version so we can cook instantly with it and we also have the frying pan option as well . Even my wife can cook with it:LOL:
Of all the cooking kit we carry this is one of my favourites. No matter where we are in the world, hooked up or not, we can have our Sunday roast. It can be used as a small two or three person regular barbie. but it comes into its own as an oven. About ten briquettes of charcoal will cook a whole chicken or joint of Beef, or pork etc. And the way it cooks is great, meat is always succulent and tasty. As you can see ours is looking well used, I even use it at home. Love it 5 stars.