Cartronix---- Dash Instrument Cluster Repairs

Used by myself (as in Motor Trade) on numerous occasions for numerous vehicles
100% satisfied
Had the cluster on my last van repaired by them, dropped it off and picked it up a couple of hours later still working perfectly when we got rid of the van.
I parked up outside their premises and took it out and they had it done in two hours, dash has been good ever since.... I would rather pay the £150 to cartronix then deal with Fiat..
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Son had problem getting a cluster for a VW Polo repaired by another company. On the strength of good reports of Cartronix I suggested he used them. Repaired and returned in less than a week at at a good price.
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Repair by return of Ducato cluster that was showing warning lights when cruise was switched on. Known issue that Fiat seem to not worry about. Cartronix do a brilliant job by replacing the low cost Fiat bits with quality parts. So much that they give lifetime warranty.
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