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Bought our Safar Chef 2 after much searching and debating. Ended up buying ours with the grill plate, skotel, plancha and tapas pans

Looks a decent piece of kit and and easy to assemble. Not a lot to them but well designed and versatile. Putting it back in the bag takes a bit of a knack and a quick search on youtube but once you know it you're sorted.

Cooks fast and very easy to use. The v2 model has piezo ignition so makes it even easier. We ran ours off a small calor bottle but would be even simpler if you have a gas bbq point on your van.

The legs are short but some have overcome this by making extensions, we just put ours on a camping table.. Just be careful of the hose!

Couldn't really fault it as a bbq but would says its quite small. Our issue was my girlfriend is veggie so trying to cook everything at the same time and keep things seperated we soon realised it wasn't going to work. We really need the carri chef or next one up. Having to swap cooking surfaces and juggling things in the oven to keep warm while waiting for meat to cook meant bbq'ing was a slower than normal process

Cleaning the bbq was easy except the griddle plate as food was welded to it. I put oven cleaner on it in the end and put it in a bag overnight. Came off with some elbow grease and looks like new again. You can buy teflon sheets which some rave about to keep things clean.

So a great little bbq for a couple as long as both meat eaters. If having to mix it like us then a larger one may suit better.
The older style safari chef has legs that fold under properly when storing and you can buy leg extenders from ebay, to raise the height to a more workable and safer height, rather than bending down or mounting on a table.

whether its the latest or earlier version anyone is looking, the one piece of ancillary equipment that you MUST buy is a pizza stone. No need to buy the overpriced cadac version, Tescos and lots of other outlets sell them for a third of the price. We buy simple/basic unfrozen pizzas (never try to cook pizza from frozen) and add our own toppings. The pizza stone helps cook them to perfection with a lovely crispy bottom - i hate a saggy bottom LOL
One of the first purchases when we got our first motorhome, about 7 years ago. I love it. We use it with an external gas point and about 3mtrs of pipe. Great for two people, may be a little small for a family.
About 2 years ago we bought a large Cadac but more often than not it gets left in the garage and we take the Safari.
Totally reliable.


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