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IMG_0540.JPG This lightweight low pressure stove works off a refillable LP Gas cylinder (not included). It is ideal for camping, tailgating or caravanning.

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We have had one now for the summer and it's fab for barbecues easy to clean very controllable heat and have easily cooked a Barbie for 6 on it. Small cylinder so these normally last me for 5 or 6 cooks and carry a spare. Great value and small,space required for storage.
Ok, it's not a BBQ it is as it says a cooker, 2 burners with wire pot-stands and extra non-stick plates for burgers/steaks etc.
I cooked 4 x 1/4 pound burgers on it this evening and was very impressed, using it outside meant no mess/smell in the van and it got nice & hot so will be good for steaks!
I took a pic of the burner in action to show the flames, a ring of normal gas flames with larger ones in an inner ring. The flames are nicely controlled by the knob on the front, each ring has its own control. It lights well and has a good solid feel.
The non-stick plates are plenty big enough and have a pocket in each corner to collect the fat.
I've also done sausages on the ribbed plate and chips on the burner.
It's very easy to clean and folds up into its nice strong bag!
It is dear at over £100. I got mine from Ireland at £86. with freeP&P.

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