Truck Satnav POI Files 2014-07-07

Truck Satnav POI Files

  1. lunarman
    These are the KML Files for adding the POIs to the Truck Satnav.

    For the following:

    ACSI card 2014
    The 2014 Bordatlas
    2013 version of CCI French Aires
    2014 version of Archies Campings

    Copy the .KML files to the pimo/content/userdata/poi subdirectory
    Copy the .bmp files to the primo/content/userdata/usericon subdirectory

    When the unit is restarted the poi will be converted to the correct format.

Recent Reviews

  1. Norman-p
    Version: 2014-07-07
    great easy to load on xgody 886
  2. TheHat
    Version: 2014-07-07
    the cci french aires are great
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