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  1. Jim
    Our home page is a Forum, some people still call forums Bulletin Boards or Message Boards but we'll stick to Forum. Looking at our home page we can see that it is broken down into forum sections such as Motorhome Chat or UK Touring. Inside these forums sections are lot's of discussions, most people call these 'threads' That's all a forum is; an ordered collection of discussions.

    So in the UK Touring Forums, there are thousands of discussions; all of them have an OP (opening poster) that is the thread-starter and consist of further individual posts made by members.

    Have a good look around the forum sections, click anywhere and everywhere. You won't break anything, click on sections that interest you. There are well over a million posts so that should keep you quiet for a while, or at least until I make the next video that will show you how to make your first post (y)

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  1. SallyM
    V helpful -great delivery
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