Rules For Traders

MotorhomeFun Traders Rules
Traders, please Read This Before Joining MotorhomeFun

We seem to have more and more traders finding our forum, joining us and then immediately promoting their commercial interests. This is not allowed. Whilst you are most welcome here, you should be aware that this is a motorhome enthusiast website.It is not a place for you to freely promote your company.

We would like you to join, there are many benefits of doing so, but please follow the site rules. If you do break the rules I just do not have the time to..

  • Delete all your posts.
  • Delete your signature
  • Write to you and point you toward the rules
  • Wait for your email where you tell me, "sorry I didn't see the rules"

So if you break the rules then your account here will simply be deleted in its entirety. This can be done quickly with just one mouse-click. In addition to being banned your company name will be added to our word censor so it will be physically impossible for your company to be even mentioned here again.

The rules are simple and easy to understand, please adhere to them.
If you are a trader (you sell motorhomes or any motorhome related items) you must notify admin and they will add the term "Trade Member" or similar under your name. Traders must remember that the forums are for motorhome enthusiasts to discuss their hobby and not for you to sell your wares. Spamming the forum will result in accounts being terminated and will not show your company in a very good light. . COMMERCIAL LINKS IN SIGNATURES ARE RESTRICTED TO FORUM SPONSORS ONLY

Traders WHO ARE SPONSORS may include a link in their signature to commercial sites. They should be one line long only. A traders username cannot be the same or similar to the trading name unless they are a site sponsor. Traders may include a link to their commercial site in their profile only. Traders who are sponsors get some leeway to post special offers or notices on our forums but must seek permission before posting.

Tips for Traders posting on Motorhome Fun
If you are a trader, you are most welcome here. Unlike some forums we appreciate that your knowledge and expertise can benefit the membership. What we do NOT want, EVER. is a sales pitch, in fact if you spam the forum with your messages, then it will probably be resented by the membership and you will get the exact opposite of what you want to achieve! If you have products or services to sell, please follow the tips below which should benefit you and the enthusiasts here.

Once you have signed up, contact use using the contact us link at the bottom of the website and let us know you are a trader.Then Do NOTHING. Just familiarise yourself with the forum and have another look at these rules. See what's talked about. See who the main forum participants are. Get a feel for the atmosphere of the forum. You need to really understand how our forum ticks before you dive in and start making posts. The only way to do this is to read, read, and then read some more.

After you have a good idea of how Fun works, introduce yourself. Just say hello and tell the funsters that you're looking forward to participating in the discussion and contributing to the forum.You will have the designation "trade member" so funsters will be able to see your website if they look at your profile. Don't be tempted to say anything more or start selling, your post will probably be deleted if you do.

Then, look at the questions being asked on the forum. If you can, answer them, but ONLY to add useful information. You should keep on doing this and try to visit at least once a day. Note the word "Answer" you are responding. Traders should not start threads that relate to their products.

Over time, this is what's going to happen... You are going to establish yourself as an authority in your particular area of expertise and your posts will be well received. Especially so when Funsters realise you are not just trying to hard-sell them something. Give good honest advice and opinion and people ARE going to start to look at you as an authority on your particular subject. They will begin to ask for your advice. You will NOT have to advertise a thing. You will not need to Spam the forum. You will begin to make sales just from being a participant at the forum, you will become a Funster. That will be good for the forum and might well be good for your business as well.

What will be bad for your business is to spam the forum. Spam will get you banned. Spam is when you make a post that is all for the benefit of you, even if you try to dress it up in some other way. Our members hate being spammed, they will hate you for it.

Introducing yourself in a post; Hi I am John I am the managing director of Motorhome widgets Ltd Is Fine. But if you then go on to say how good or cheap those widgets are and where we can find you, then you are spamming.

A post like this.. "Hi Funsters, we are currently giving 10% off on Motorhome Widgets" etc..... is SPAM and it will get you banned.

However, if some asks about different types of widgets, and you answer, comparing and contrasting the different types of widget and the benefits to the Funster, even pointing to a link on your website showing the widgets. This is acceptable; your post is of benefit to the poster.

As a trader you have to walk a fine line, and it's difficult to get it right. however if we allow blatant advertising then the forum would just fill up with it and ruin our community.

Please remember, I do not have the time to give yellow cards and point you to the rules. Banning takes just a second and is much easier. Please don't give me reason to do this.

Thanks for your cooperation