Motorhome Weight Calculator March 2017

This spreadsheet allows you to recalculate your Total Weight, after going to a Weighbridge

  1. Revolvor
    The aim of this Spreadsheet was to allow me to add or remove items from my MH, once I had been to a Weighbridge, but to still know the actual axle-weights.

    Although I am confident that I have sufficient Payload, I wanted to know accurate Axle Weights, so that I could adjust Tyre Pressures.

    It is published using the weights for my MH as an example, but you can over-write the figures to suit your set-up.

    Edit: For those of you without MS Excel, it can be opened in Google Drive. Go "NEW" - "Google Sheets" - "File" - "Import" - "Upload", and then drag the downloaded Excel file onto the page.
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Recent Reviews

  1. XYL
    Version: March 2017
    I'm sure this resource will be very useful. Nicely done. Thank you.
  2. Mclouis700
    Version: March 2017
    Very useful, as its quite confusing getting to know how to get the right weight calculation. great resource
  3. Touchwood
    Version: March 2017
    Very useful indeed, and nicely laid out. Great job.
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