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We have well over 1 million posts here on motorhome fun. Its easy to do I'll show you how.

Choose the relevant forum to post in. The forums are on the front page and have labels like "Continental Touring" or "Motorhome Insurance" Choose the forum that fits your post/question best but don't worry too much about finding the 'right' place. If you are in any doubt choose "Motorhome Chat" No one will moan at you if your post is in the wrong place.


Once you are in the forum look for the Post New Thread icon on the top right.


You will then have an editor you can type in


To add a reply to an existing thread is easy. Choose the thread


Click on it and when its open; scroll to the very bottom of the page and there is a quick reply box.


If you are at all unsure about posting or the use of smilies take a look at this video (y)

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Sounds simple but we will see......
Just simple, thanks.
Thank you for the instructions, I’m sure I’ll mess them all up.
Thanks anyway.
Thank you useful for helping me make my first post.. not very tech savvy
Seems good to me
Great stuff Thanks
Very helpful thanks
Great for us beginners (y)
Very helpful thanks
Just what I needed Jim, no doubt we will have questions. thansk for the great site.