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France / Italy Trip Cost spreadsheet 2014 2014-10-29

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For first timers it adds meat to the bones, and temptation to the wanderlust. Great level of detail, was going to Spain but now just may steer towards Italy. Roads not as good but Police more friendly and not on commission. Thanks for the effort.
We were planning an Italy trip, this is an amazing resource. Thank-you
I returned myself on 7th Nov 14, from a similar trip, now my own record keeping might make it onto the computer - thanks for the inspiration! Not quite as much detail in my notebooks mind. Thank you!
Very comprehensive information. Almost £500 spent on motorway tolls and campsites reaffirms our resolution to avoid both like the plague.
Excellent. So full of infomrtion which is very helpful as we plan our first trip ever in a motorhome. We are planning 4 months away so budget is crucial. Sorry but what is TOAD ?
A Toad is a car being towed on its wheels with an A Frame. Cheers
excellent we have been planning a trip for April and this is an invaluable spreadsheet