Adding Photos to Messages

How to add a picture to your posts

  1. Jim
    Adding photos to your messages.

    You may well be able to save a thousand words by adding a photo to your messages. There are numerous ways to do this and all of them are easy when you know how.

    A photo From your Computer or a photo from the web. This video will show you how. Click through to watch it on a bigger screen on Youtube

Recent Reviews

  1. Djenks
    Most helpful. Thanks
  2. JoyJoy
    Just what I needed, well, one of the things I needed help with! Next!
  3. Spanner
    Very helpfull, thanks
  4. Bertie Bassett
    Bertie Bassett
    As an IT numbnut this is exactly the sort of resource that I need. Simple easy to follow verbal instructions coupled with a video. Excellent, thank you!
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