Thorpe Rally - 'This' Party is sadly over for 2024.... thanks everyone for your kind comments, Dave and Yvette

Rally Details

Location - Grange Farm, Station Road, Thorpe Le Soken, Essex CO16 0HG

Grange Farm Campsite - Camping & Caravanning in Essex

Grange Farm Campsite,Thorpe Le Soken, for camping, caravanning and motorhomes by Frinton on Sea, Clacton on Sea & Walton on the Naze,Tendring, Essex CO160HG

Number of Motorhomes - 30 based on two adults and one pet. ‘Toads’ are allowed but there is no facility and strictly no permission to charge electric vehicles. The site have informed me that children will attract an additional charge of £2.50 per night. There are the usual camp site facilities i.e. showers, toilets, wc emptying, waste bins, recycling etc.

Date - Monday 27th May 2024 arrivals strictly after 1pm
Sunday 2nd june 2024 depart before 11am

The rally will run over the weekend of Fri 31st May - 2nd June to allow the 'weekend warriors' to attend! Please see below for further information re booking early just for the weekend.

Cost - £90 (£15 per night) - You may of course arrive after the 27th May and leave before the 2nd June but the full charge will still apply. Please confirm you are attending for the full 6 nights when you notify me you wish to attend.

EHU - Please indicate if you would prefer EHU, Price of EHU is yet to be determined but is likely to be around £5 per night. There are only 22 EHU available (no sharing of EHU is allowed). EHU will be allocated on a first booked first allocated basis.

No booking for other people please as it gives others the chance to attend. If you wish to camp next to your friends then please arrive together, otherwise pitches will be allocated sequentially on arrival, including the EHU pitches which will be allocated to those who requested one.

Anyone wishing to attend the rally but due to other commitments, work etc can only attend for the weekend can book directly with the site. Although no discount has been offered, bookings made for 2024 during October 2023 will be charged at 2023 prices, so it might be an idea to book early and ask if you can go on The Oaks camp field, which is next to the Rally field. As the rally is taking place during a school holiday period in North Essex, booking early if just attending for the weekend might be advantageous!!

Please indicate if you require name badges please, so these can be obtained in advance. Name badges can also be requested if just staying for the weekend.

For those attending the rally itself I will require a non returnable deposit of £20 please, before 30th November, although it is non refundable, you can transfer your deposit should someone wish to attend in your place.

Payment in full is required before March 31st 2024.

The Rally will not be for profit and all monies received will be to cover the prices we will be charged by the site. I will set up a bank account specific for the rally so that all monies received can be accounted for.

I have not made any arrangements for get togethers etc though I have had a couple of suggestions that I am investigating, but to be honest as this is my first time organising a rally, I am trying to reduce my burden to the minimum (following good advice from others!). That of course doesn’t stop anyone else organising anything, even ad hoc at the time!


1 MisterB - 6 nights - plus EHU ---- PAID IN FULL
2 Oscar - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
3 Hollys Mum - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
4 Antique - 6 nights - no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
5 ChrissyW - 6 nights ----- PAID IN FULL
6 Floydster - 6 nights ---- PAID IN FULL
7 Meanders - 6 nights - no EHU ---- PAID IN FULL
8 Kannon Fodder - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
9 Jock and Rita - 6 nights - no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
10 Lee Fryer - 6 nights - no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
11 Debs - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
12 L'Hobo - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
14 mitzimad - 6 nights no EHU------ PAID IN FULL
15 Michael Gaylor - 6 nights - plus EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
16 John W - 6 nights - no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
17 Clive Fog - 6 nights no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
18 Hils and Glenns - 6 nights no EHU ------- PAID IN FULL
19 Cruiser - 6 nights no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
20 Tonyl - 6 nights no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
21 Merv and Pauline 6 nights plus EHU ------- PAID IN FULL
22 Gaston Aires 6 nights no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
23 peterc10 - 6 nights no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
24 archie2000 - 6 nights plus EHU ------- PAID IN FULL
25 Wh05apk - 6 nights no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
26 Theonlysue - 6 nights no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
27 Icantremember - 6 nights no EHU ----- PAID IN FULL
28 Stagman - 6 nights with EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
29 Just smiffy - 6 nights no EHU ------ PAID IN FULL
30 Trappers - 6 nights with EHU ------ PAID IN FULL


The rally is now full, but the campsite itself may have vacancies, but you will need to contact them directly.


There isn't one!

An updated list of payments etc received - if you think the info is incorrect please PM ASAP - for those who have yet to provide the information can you please do so also by PM ASAP


Please note the following -
F = Paid in Full for 6 nights
R = Registration Number provided (as requested)
EHU = Electric Hook Up requested
EHUP = Electric Hook Up requested and paid
C = Curry night on Weds
NC - Confirmed no curry

MisterB F/R/EHUP/Cx2P
Oscar F/R/Cx2P
Holly's mum F/R/Cx2P
Antique F/R/Cx2P
ChrissyW F/R
Floydster F/R
Meanders F/R
Kannon Fodda F/R/Cx1P
JockandRita F/R/Cx2P
Lee Fryer F/R
Debs F/R/Cx2P
L' Hobo F/R

Mitzimad F/R/Cx2P
Michael Gaylor F/EHUP
johnw F
Clivefog F
Hils and Glenns F/R/Cx2
cruiser F/R/NC
tonyl F/R/Cx2
Merv and Pauline F/R/EHUP
Gaston aires F/R
Peterc10 F/R
archie2000 F/R/EHUP
Wh05apk F/R
Theonlysue F/R/Cx1P
Icantremember F/R/Cx2P
Stag man F/R/EHUP
Just smiffy F/R/Cx1P
Trappers F/R/EHU

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