ZADI / Vecam, lock barrel replacement guide (Rapido)

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    Zadi / Vecam locks are used on many vehicles but this is specific to Rapido. If your locks don't look like this it may be a later version and not suitable instructions.
    The locker doors simply have a quarter turn lock/unlock. If yours don't do this then look elsewhere.
    Turn to the unlocked position and remove key
    Insert removal RED key
    wiggle and pull.
    Replacement is just in reverse.
    The hab door is the tricky one but if it looks like this? carry on.
    Unlock the door with the key but you will notice the barrel has a sprung return!
    So when in the unlocked position you must press and hold the face of the barrel so it remains vertical.
    I could not show that as I don't have a third hand for the camera :LOL:
    Now while pressing the barrel remove the key and insert the Zadi red key, wiggle and pull.

    To replace you must first replace the barrel with the red key like so, notice it won't go fully home!
    Now replace the red key with the proper key , turn 90 clockwise and push
    Now you can let it spring return to the normal position

    No amount of force is necessary at any part of the procedure, if it's not going as expected re read carefully.

    The RED key ** for 9000 series locks
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