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    I dont know if anyone else has had problems with this awning with it not actually fitting the van, if you have a wind out awning Fiamma in my case on a hymer a class when it is slid into the slot on the wind out you cant wind the awning back in unless you physically lift the wind out up whilst standing on steps inside the awning and get someone to wind the awning back in.
    The other more important thing is that the sides of the kampa awning do not reach the side of the van also the air tubes are about 4" short of the van sides kampa have bought out a mod to fix this i think (chargeable of course).
    I wondered how you would stand if you returned the awning for a refund or get kampa to replace it with the 2016 model if this one has been modified to put right the faults in our one.
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    We had the same problem almost, i.e. the air beams are short of fitting close to the side of the van. (Ours is a Swift Bolero, so not an uncommon one) We bought a 2015 model Kampa Motor Rally Air Pro from NEC show last year, and although we can wind the Fiamma back in, we can't get a close fit because of the protruding Fiamma case. We contacted Kampa, both by email and Facebook, no response, so went to the show again in October and got one of their reps. We told him about the fitting problem and he said they would look into it. When we went again to the show in February this year, we again asked the Kampa rep and he told us that there is a mod for it now, more material to go around the back poles and filler pieces to make up the gap between the air beams and the van. He also gave us his email address. We again contacted Kampa when we got home and asked if they would consider either replacing the awning as it did not fit or altering our awning foc, but only got a standard reply about the mods in the pipeline ! Since then we have fitted some aluminium awning channel to the underside of the casing of the Fiamma, being careful where you fix through. We used pop rivets, taking off the excess on the rivets where necessary to make sure the blind part would still roll out without damage, It now works a treat, no more winding in and out of the Fiamma and the awning fits snugly against the van as it should. Hope this helps.
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