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Discussion in 'UK Touring' started by N Luyetund, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. N Luyetund

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    Hi folks i posted this in another thread and would like some help please as I have no knowledge of the Hebrides and the suitability of some of the roads for a 7m m/h...

    I'm hoping to get on a short course at Sabhal mor Ostaig on Skye and had thought of making the most the 500 mile trip up by taking in the Western Isles...

    e.g. SKYE (Mallaig-Armadale), HARRIS (Uig-Tarbert), LEWIS (Leverburgh-Berneray) and UIST (Lochboisdale-Oban) using CalMac's Island Hopscotch ferry deal.

    Don't want to wildcamp as I prefer to use sites ...are there any?

    Plus are the roads twixt the ferry ports above suitable for a 7m M/H please?

    Post any helpful answers on this thread... write smart Rs answers on the back of a £20 note and send to Jim to support the forum:Wink:
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    Hi Graham

    This site has some useful information and locations of toilet waste emptying points..

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar

  3. Milo

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    Lancaster, UK
    There are very few sites in the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides) and those few are very small, but overnight parking up is unlikely to cause offence. 7 - 8yrs ago on Harris we spent one night on what is still the worst site I've ever visited (small, v boggy, v ancient and few facilities), but don't be put off!

    Even if only half of your weather is good, you should have a really good adventure. The Western Isles are moving up my lengthening list of places to which I really do want to return.
  4. N Luyetund

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    Moran taing Jim

    ... when I saw the link I thought 'Jeez, haven't even started the beginner's course in Gaelic':Rofl1:

    ...but of course it's in English for the tourists....:Doh:
  5. N Luyetund

    N Luyetund Deleted User

    I spent a week on Sky 19-24 July ...only came back because of a family problem... there'll just be me and the labrador and we're not bothered about the weather :BigGrin::Wink:

    Have to agree with you Smilo, there's something about the place which calls one back....
  6. WillH

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    SW Scotland
    Don't spend money on a ferry to Skye, just drive over the bridge.

  7. Supertractorman

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    I can agree about saving money, but the run to Mallaig has some wonderful scenery plus any photos of the steam train going over the viaducts and crossings is very worthwhile, and the ferry fare seems cheap in relation to back tracking to Fort William and travelling North again.

  8. N Luyetund

    N Luyetund Deleted User

    On the last trip in July I used the bridge ...

    Bridge or Ferry seems there's great scenery wherever you look ... pity they didn't make a parking/viewing spot on the middle of the bridge :BigGrin:
  9. alf

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    South Yorkshire
    Skye Bridge Viewing Area

    If they had have made a viewing area whats the betting it would be full of motor caravans overnighting ??

  10. Bulletguy

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    At 7mtrs you will find some roads on the Hebrides 'testing' to say the least. Many are single track B roads with passing places. You should be ok but watch out for any roads which are basically 'dead ends' because you may not be able to turn around.

    If you go on the Uists whatever you do don't venture down the B890 toward Lochskipport. It's a very scenic area at the beginning but toward the end it peters out to absolutely nothing.....except a drop straight into Lochskipport which is vast, huge, very very deep, and you are miles from any human civilisation....plus, the only way you will get 7mtrs of mh back is to reverse it. You will not be able to turn it around!

    I found myself at this exact point late at night and in pouring rain.....but i have a swb Transit campervan which was possible to eventually turn around. Even with that it was a pretty scary experience!

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