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Discussion in 'Motorhomes for the Disabled' started by slobadoberbob, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Firstly thank you for all the various support I got over a post I put on about the MMM disabled suppliment.

    No I never did get the email, even after saying so on the forum.. Same with no phone call.

    Anyway, to day I was cleaning a model Z gauge railway board I have been building..always nearly finished 5 years on.. cobb webs and other bits and bobs removed with the help of the air compressor.

    I came across where I had put various dates when I was building it and an odd quotes.. but I came across one I had written 4 years back and I thought I would share it with you.

    'Disabled by the will of god

    Handicapped by peoples ignorance'

    Profound thought.... but even 4 years on it is still the same. Lots of lip services but little real action.

    No offence ment to anyone, just sharing a thought.

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    like you said bob,handicapped by ignorance.yes through someone elses ignorance i am hadicapped,disabled.knackered,whatever you want to call it,still buggered.muz:Angry:
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    Yes Bob - I agree with you. You know the DDA/Equality Bill?

    How come so many employers totally get away with breaching it?

    Oh, hang on - I think I might know the answer to that one! - maybe it's because it drives the disabled to mental breakdowns, thus meaning they'd just as likely to be in a fit state to take em to a Tribunal as you your good self would, to run in the 100m at the 2012 Olympics?
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    I find it impossible to believe that a god willed your tragic misfortune on you, Bob... if he/she did... what sort of god would that be?

    However, I find it totally believable that people's ignorance handicaps you...:Angry:

    Spending some time travelling with Smudger...

    a) made me furious at a huge range of inconsiderations which made life so un-necessarily difficult for him and...

    b) ashamed of myself that I had never thought about these before...

    JJ :Cool:
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