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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by sugarplum, Feb 14, 2008.

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    Hallow, Worcs
    Hi all.. pleased to meet you all .....I'm a cross over from MHF... not quite sure why yet as I haven't read all the posts, but will catch up with the rest of you eventually....

    I know I shouldn't do this.. but this is a "double post" as I am short of time. OUr grandchildren are here [ spain] for half term and we are making the most of it!

    So it is a big hello and ...

    We took the family to Gibraltar yesterday and would just like to point out what I think is a rip off [ one of my pet hates]

    All the prices there are in £ sterling. Most people who visit have euros to spend. We went into a bar for lunch and the prices were in £'s only.
    On asking for the bill we were ask did we want to pay in £'s or Euros.... we said euros as that's what we had in cash. {although had we known we could have taken £'s from the camper].
    Some kind person behind said you pay much more in euros as they exchange only 2 euros to the £.

    Outrageous! I immediately asked if I could then pay by credit card.. and surprise surprise - they didn't accept cards of any kind!

    I immediately dispatched "him indoors" to the nearest cash point for £'s.

    To sum up - the bill came to £38.85. Which cost me an extra £2.05 to draw from the cashpoint. TOTAL - £40.90

    Pay by euros 78 - exchange rate 75p - £58.50

    Be warned.....if you go to gib.... take sterling...Car park £3.00 - pay in euros - 5!!

    If they had the notice displayed then you have the choice, but it all smells of a rip off to me.... what do the panel think?? I am interested to know - have I got it wrong or not.. it just seems so blatant!

    Hope to catch up with all the meantime........
  2. N Luyetund

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    Time to get a Nationwide flex account... no charge for withdrawal from cash machines... and the best exchange rate we've ever had:thumb:

    ...welcome! much more fun on here than the dark side and it's all free:Cool:
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    Gib as you know is part of rip off Great Britain, and looks to have worked it out very well, yes been there and yes I agree Total rip off, fortunatley I had £ with me
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    Hi Sugarplum
    Welcome to the FunForum
    I was in Gib a couple of years ago and had the same complaint definately part of Rip Off Britain
  5. Col447

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    Aug 24, 2007
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    Thanks for the tip! We are off to Spain on Monday and was thinking of hiring a car and going to Gib' for a day, will now take some £'s with us.
    Cheers Col:Cool:

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