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Discussion in 'Pets' started by ninjayorkies, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I've looked at the Google Vet Map for France from previous posts but can anyone recommend a vet for more than passport proceedures?

    The reason I'm asking is because I adopted 2 Yorkies from a rescue just over a month ago and the bitch was 'supposedly' spayed. Bit of a shock today then when she's come into season. :Angry: The vet had said we have to wait 12 weeks before they can do the op (something to do with hormones) but we are leaving the UK for good to go travelling in about 3 weeks so I will need to find a decent vet in france. Doesn't really matter where as I have no plan of action other than I have to be in Vienna on November 18th so I'm free to go wherever the mood takes me.
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    Hi ninjayorkies
    I hope this is of some help to you, Our vet is at St Pol-sur-Ternoise southern Pas de Calais region just above the Somme region...our friends use them when over with there dogs,
    Four very good vets in the practice.....we have been using them for 6+ years.
    Cabinet Veterinaire......Dr. Yves Dubois, Dr. Delphine Izac Dr.Guillaume Machot, Dr. Christophe Van Inghelandt.
    1 zas rue de Canteraine, 62130 St Pol sur 03 21 41 34 90.....fax 03 21 03 20 57
    They are just about 150 to 200 meters off the main dual carriageway N39 (D939) good parking... modern surgery

    Zas is just a small industrial (post office parcel depot is one…..also a Dentist) estate.
    The vets are on the corner of the main road and a sign clearly:thumb: to see
    But there are many good vets in France they are everywhere, in every village or town just ask at the Mairie and they will point you in the right direction....they will all understand the word Veterinaire

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    Parc Verger - Limousin
    If you are heading into central France, then our local vet is superb. She has a new clinic, speaks English, and frequently deals with dogs who are visiting Parc Verger ( If you want more info, you can email or pm us and we'll put you in touch with Mike and Carol on site here who have two dogs and know the vet well.

    Many visitors heading for the UK use her as there is adequate time after treatment for travelling to the Channel port, as it gives them extra time in the interesting parts of France rather than stay in a port area for the last 24+ hours.

    Cheers - wherever you go enjoy France, it is a beautiful country.

    Bob and Di

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