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    Do Brake Buddies meet the following description, which is a direct extract from EEC Directive 71/320

    3.4.The inertia braking device must allow the trailer to be reversed with the towing vehicle without imposing a sustained drag force exceeding 8 % of the force corresponding to the maximum mass of the trailer. Devices used for this purpose must act automatically and disengage automatically when the trailer moves forward.
    After item 3.4 the following new item 3.5 shall be added:

    3.5.Any special device incorporated for the purposes of item 3.4 shall be such that the parking performance when facing up a gradient shall not be adversely affected
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    Hi Brian

    Yes they can meet that part (when taken in isolation), but No they are not legal at all for use in UK or europe. They are specifically ilegal according to Construction and use regulations and eu directives.

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    Also a good time to raise an important and often overlooked fact is they should be disconnected completely after boarding a Ferry
    After nearly setting fire to the Sooty van my Rv Keith's RV and the remaining Vehicle on and including the ferry itself I nearly learned the hard way The roll of the sea was sufficient to activate the inertia mechanism and the brake buddy was operating non stop for the duration of the crossing, burnt wires and an INTACT FUSE were found on inspection following the funny smell when I returned to disembark:Eeek:
  4. Enodreven

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    Hi, George

    That extract is direct from an EU Directive and is the only one that I can find that covers what I have been given to understand the Brake Buddy is used for.

    It would be very helpful if you can you print the the actual paragraphs that you are quoting from as I am sure it would be interesting for everyone.


    Geo, That's a very important point perhaps it should be made a sticky as it really has serious implications

  5. GeorgeTelford

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    Hi Brian

    its the one that requires mechanical/hydrolic transmission of braking forces (it specifically excludes electronic braking) have not got time to look it up right this minute ( I should keep a log, the amount of time I spend repeating myself over the same points it would be easier to find the references)

    PS there is not a single EU directive regarding trailers and braking..
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    Overton, Hants
    Too late George - Brian's called it a day (probalbly slit his wrists)


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    Questions are a burden to others; answers are a prison for oneself
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    America is a huge country and produces fabulous motorhomes yet all it's people seem to be risk takers as they use A frames with no brakes and even these brake buddies.

    Maybe all their products ar dangerous? who know?

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