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Approx date of transaction
6 / 99
I bought my first MH from Todds. It was 12 years old. When I collected it they pointed out a repair to the (galvanised) grey water tank, said he they weren't very happy with it and that should it give trouble they would repair it.

During my first trip the clutch began to drag & throughout that holiday it became apparent that it only happened once the engine was thoroughly hot. When I returned I rang the dealer, arranged a date, took it to them, and returned home (50miles) in a courtesy car. They contacted me after two days to say that the vehicle repair place they use could find no fault but gave me the phone number of said establishment. I rang them and explained that the fault only occurred after at least 20 miles of driving. The following day I returned the courtesy car, collected the van with its new clutch, and drove home happy.

Around a month later I noticed a drip from the grey tank, contacted the dealer, was told they would be in touch once a new tank was sourced. After a few days they were in touch to say CAK tanks could supply one the right size. I asked them if it would be OK to send it directly to me to save me the 100 mile round trip & they said that would be OK. They didn't need to see the leaking tank.

My last issue, probably two months or so after purchase was a leaking engine radiator. Again I contacted the dealer who asked me how I'd like them to deal with it. I said I'd like you to accept my word for the fault, allow me to purchase the radiator locally, and allow me to fit it myself. They said that would be fine & to simply send them the invoice. I did, they paid, one happy bunny.

Just for emphasis: the van was 12 years old when I bought it and was the first leisure vehicle of any kind that I'd bought from them.

We visit them regularly and continue to be impressed. Their stock area is indoors, all vehicles for sale are unlocked and there are no 'hovering' sales people. They have a very well stocked Accessories Shop.
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I've had mine for 3 years or so. We're in North Devon at the moment suffering 30mph+ winds with gusts up to 40mph or so. The windbreak has been up for 5 days so far and I must admit to having given the posts an extra tap or two during that time. No other windbreaks on site are still standing.
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