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Discussion in 'Pilote' started by MisterED, Mar 12, 2010.

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    Sunny Aberdeenshire !
    Any other Pilote A class owners? maybe you can help me.

    Bought a 2006 Peugot based 2.8 ltr 680 TP from a reputable Scottish dealer.
    Think I got myself a good deal and have used it a lot since July 2009.
    Have had the learning experience of the van with various leaks squeaks and things that go bump in the night but enjoying it immensely.

    My question the Passanger side door and the Habitation door have the same barrels as the external lockers. The Ignition Key only doing the ignition function, I have in a bag with all the books for the complete kit in the van a spare set of barrels which fit the ignition key,these will fit the two doors i mention!.

    These doors as you turn the lock you can feel a motore drive resistance and sound as you turn the key, suggesting these are motorised locks. The doors also have power cables going to them (Have not yet removed the trims to check).

    The Ignition key dose not have a "Plip" for locking, I belive I have all the atributes for central loking.

    Anyone got any ideas onn how I can proove this and get it back into operation.


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    doors locks

    we have a pilote galaxy and have had the same problems just got it sorted it was the wires on hab door they had snapped inside couldnt tell by looking your prob will most likely be the same good luck:Smile:

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