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    For Hymers and other makes? from the same era as our 1992 S670 that have/had a RM275 fridge fitted, the replacement is an RM5380 80 ltr fridge.

    This info comes directly from Dometic UK this morning.

    The current online Dometic replacement fridge list only gives the RM270 (replaced by the RM5330) which I assumed was for the 270 family of models, but this is not the case as this is a wheel arch model.

    The RM275 doesn't have a wheel arch cut out but is not shown in the list. The person from Dometic gave an instant response as to what was the direct replacement for the 70 ltr RM275, the new RM5380.
    The RM5380 is also 10 ltr larger than the original but within the same dimensions, a little bonus.

    Hope this helps others
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