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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Demelza, Sep 9, 2011.

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    I have already posted a thread about rear seat belts and have scrolled through all the other threads which mention seat belts. I am now completely confused. We are looking to buy a motor home, mostly for our own use but will occasionally want to take our grandsons aged 4 and 7 with us. My understanding is that, just like when they travel in a car, until they are 12 they will need to sit on booster seats and be strapped in using the usual adult seat belts. I am assuming then, that older vans with a U shaped lounge and no separate dinette would be out of the question. For safety's sake then, should we be thinking of a van with at least two forward facing seats in the back? Does this mean that older MHs will be out of the question? We have seen older vans with rear seat belts fitted, which again confuses me because I've read that retro fitting of seat belts is nigh on impossible. Please, any advice would be gratefully received. I am easily confused! Thanks.
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    Whatever the layout/age of the van you need belted travel seats for the children. That will rule out some layouts and some older vans. However, as you have seen older vans with rear seat belts fitted then, so long as they are proper travel seats and not some DIY bodge you should be OK.

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