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    the Bradford bulls must win their match at st Helens today to be in with any chance of finishing in the top eight play offs.i was going to go to st Helens but my wife said no its too far and the way their playing its not worth it. do something useful she said. the garden gates needs a lick of black paint and I want you to take me to morrisons.so ill have to listen to it online. but henpecked no not me just obeying orders steve:Angry:
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    Your wife made the right decision for you. Saints showed some signs of improvement in the first half. Both teams were woeful in the second. Bradford ended up making more mistakes than saints at key times, never seen so much dropped ball. Conditions and the pitch were perfect, the bulls were short af a lot of travelling fans which can't help when a team need lifting. Both teams seemed to play hard all match, evenly balanced as far as fitness I would have said. The bulls had the better positional kicking game.

    Lots of work for both coaches still to do, especially basic ball skills.

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