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    there was a man with a wooden leg he also had a very bald head. he got an invite to a fancy dress he thought what can I go as . after some thought he decided to write to a fancy dress supplier and ask for their suggestions as what he could go as.with his bodily disabilities. the company wrote back saying you could go as a pirate put a three pronged hat on a eye patch and a parrot on your shoulder and with your wooden leg you could be long john silver. the man wrote back saying he was disgusted and that it would make his wooden leg too prominent. so the company wrote back saying we are very sorry we offended you. you could go as monk get some black cotton wool stick it round the sides of your bald head and put a monks habit on this would cover your wooden leg. the man was more infuriated he wrote back saying this would make my bald head stand out and that it was more insulting than the first suggestion. the company by this time was fed up with him and wrote back. our final suggestion is pour a tin of thick treacle over your bald head shove your wooden leg up your arse and go as a toffee apple
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    Little Johnny: "Let's see, £6,000 for materials, £4,000 for
    labour, then there's the electrics and the plumbing. Will do the
    job for 12,000."
    Little Patel: "I am sorry, I know my shop needs this extension
    but I have only £9,000 to offer you, Plus all your discounted
    grocery needs."
    Teacher: "What on earth is going on here?"
    Little Johnny: "Please miss, we are playing cowboys and
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