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    Hi All

    Just starting the thought process on next summers month away. Saving my holidays up now one of the kids has started school.

    Our plan is to aim for Lake Garda passing through Switzerland and anywhere else that looks nice.

    We have a 2 year old and a 5 year old so site we stay at should have swimming pools and stuff to do, staying at most places at least a week so less time for the little ones travelling. I usually do the driving at night so they all sleep

    Has anyone done this route and if so are there any highlights or places to aim towards.

    All advise welcome

    We've toured France and Spain so quite happy abroad.

    Many Thanks

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    Leeds and Lake Garda


    I was previously a firm fan of Camping Butterfly at Peschiera del Garda - but it not feels cramped and not so good for a larger unit.

    Next, the love affair with Camping Baia Verde began - but on our last visit we checked out before we have even made a cuppa

    We now like Camping Il Faro - nothing fancy - but a good sized pool

    Site reviews below.

    Camping Baia Verde

    Camping Butterfly

    Camping Il Faro

    Here is a low cost route avoiding many tolls

    I know where I am staying for a month in April and again in September!

    Last trip we came back via the Simplon Pass and went via the St Gotthard Pass but if you drive at night you will miss out on that.

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    NW England
    We've done that route.

    Some suggestions are:

    - Birkelt campsite near Larochette in Luxembourg.
    - Alternatively there's free overnight parking near the Snowdome complex at Amneville, North of Metz.
    - We popped into Germany to visit the Europa Park theme park, which has overnight parking, but maybe your kids are still a bit young for that? Don't know there.
    - We usually go through Basel into Switzerland and have stopped overnight at Luzern near the Verkershaus transport museum - Camping International Lido, next to the lake.
    - Interlaken is worth a stopover - there's various sites including one by the lake at Seeblick, although the one at Matten (Jungfraublick 7) is more convenient for the town centre and stations.
    - Around Garda we've used the MH only site at Torbole (I think there's a time limit there though) - the Northern end around Torbole and Riva del Garda is worth some of your time. South of Lazise is like one vast campsite so you can take your pick there - free shuttle buses are available to the theme parks, and the market in Lazise is a sight to be seen - huge. If you want real park convenience try Camping Amici di Lasize which is right next to the Movieland Studios and Aqua Paradise parks, and the eat all you can diner which is like Italy's answer to the Hard Rock Cafe. Aqua Paradise is mad - there's no other word for it.

    - A bit further down the road is Gardaland which is Italy's Alton Towers. Buses for day trips to Verona are not hard to come by either.
    - There's ferries all over the lake too.

    You've made me want to go there again.
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    Bolsover, Derbyshire
    We have been to Switzerland, but only used one site better suited to adults so cant add much to that, I would however suggest that you get into Switzerland as soon as you can, you will have to pay on entry for a motorway pass whether you use or not, so make best use of your payment. The motorways are excellent almost worth the money!!

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    I am headed for campsite LIDO near Lazise / Lake Garda second week of August. does anybody have experience in that area? I am aiming to drive the Gotthard pass rather than the tunnel, with an overnight stay on the top? (this is my second time out with the MH, first time was a trial in Zeeland near Veerse Meer = super).
    thanks, Peter.
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    Just about the most sensible newcomers post ever. You can't fail to have a good holiday.

    You've already had the good site advice, no need to duplicate this.

    As an alternative route home, north from Lake Garda head for Balzano the west up the Reschen Pass to Fussen, non motorway and very beautiful.
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    Have a look at campsite bella italia at Peschiera del Garda on lake Garda. It's a bit like a haven site loads of swimming pools restaurants ice cream shops supermarket etc etc. kids will love the water parks here and it's right on the lake. 15 minutes lovely lakeside promenade walk to Peschiera del Garda

    Have a look on their website. It's an acsi site too so cheaper if during the acsi dates and you have a card


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