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Motorhome Gas Attacks

Motorhome Gas Attacks are commonplace.

If you believe everything in the newspapers, then you’d think they were. At least once every summer a newspaper will report at least one motorhome gas attack. Motorhomers being gassed at French and Spanish motorway service stations. 

The victims always seem to lose around £2000 passports and their camera and iPads. These stories are scary and they spread rapidly, with more or less the same story being re-told. Often just the people and places changing.

We recall and spread these stories because they frighten us. The thought of being asleep in a motorhome at the mercy of an intruder while they rob us, would fill anyone with dread. 

Waking up to discover that you have been robbed and that the robber had to be right there in the motorhome with you, just defies all logic, How do you explain it? How was it possible to have been robbed without waking?

However, we have heard that some people have been gassed and then robbed so this is the only logical explanation; it must have been a motorhome gas attack.

Except it is not logical at all. How did the robbers get the gas into the motorhome? How did they know how much to put in? How did they ensure that all the occupants, no matter their differing body-weights, got just the right dose so as not to kill them?

If this substance is easy to administer and leaves no after effects then why is it not used in medicine? Why do the crooks that possess this ‘wonder gas’ restrict its use to a few British holidaymakers and the odd lorry driver?

This is what the Royal College of Anaesthetists say about Motorhome Gas Attacks.

Motorhome Gas Attacks, lettter from the RCOA
Lettter from the RCOA addressing Motorhome Gas Attacks.

I think that people assume gas when there is no clear evidence. Maybe this is the right assumption to make, but in my professional opinion, based on the evidence I have seen to date, I think the gas explanation is used too quickly and without thinking it through. Thousands of people wake at home to find that they have been robbed, no one suggests gas was used.

It seems that motorhome gas attacks victims are very similar and have a lot in common. They sleep on motorway aires, in unsecured motorhomes and carry £2000 in cash and a few iPads. Myth.

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