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The Caravan Salon Düsseldorf and Why You Should Go.

Why a German show when we have so many British ones?

Motorhome shows have changed considerably in recent years. COVID-19 gets the blame for most things. However, the changes in shows started long before anyone lost their sense of taste because of covid.

Outside shows used to attract the U.K.’s largest dealerships who would attend with new and nearly new vans. With half a dozen big dealers at a show, you literally had acres of vans to wander around. Not any more!

Why did they stop?

Attending shows is expensive for dealers. And there was so many of them. They have to get vehicles from their showroom to the showground. This is labour-intensive. They have to double up on sales staff, because while they’re at the show, the showrooms are still open. The sales staff have to be accommodated in local hotels and the trade area at a show is expensive. In the last few years, most big dealers developed their own social media followers and found it much cheaper to market to them than attend shows. Though some still attend the October NEC show.

So what about the big show at the NEC

Many people consider the National Caravan Council’s October show as the best Motorhome Show in the UK and it probably is. They run two shows; but IMO as a motorhome enthusiast, the February one is a damp squib. The October show is the best. At the October show they get some big industry names attending but really it just doesn’t compare to the German show.

Two salad dishes to describe the difference.

First “Feast your eyes on a vibrant salad, where emerald green romaine lettuce plays host to a symphony of flavours. Rich, buttery avocado and earthy beetroot unite in perfect harmony, punctuated by tangy feta cheese. A light vinaigrette brings the ensemble together, creating a refreshing, flavourful delight in every bite.” Let’s name it Salad Dusseldorf.

The second dish. Picture a mound of limp, lifeless lettuce leaves, their edges tinged with an unappetising shade of brown that speaks of age and neglect. Each leaf devoid of any crunch, wilting sadly on the plate. Salad NCC anyone?

Maybe I’m being a bit cruel to the NCC show, but it really is that different to Dusseldorf.

Biggest and Best

The Caravan Salon is Europe’s largest show. It’s started two years before I was born, and just gets better. It has more to see and more people coming to see it than any other show of its kind.

So much to see

Before you even get into the Show; the camping area which accommodates thousands of motorhomes will have the enthusiast wide-eyed and goggling at the vans parked up. These will range from £1m motorhomes to self builds, no 6m gaps here, parking is tight. Groups will party, some have met here every year for decades, beer and food areas will be busy.

You can forget the 6m rule at Düsseldorf, you will be parked quite close to other campers

Who will be exhibiting?

Most every maker in Europe will have a stand inside the show, some will have an entire hall to themselves! All the latest models are there for you to see. Big queues will form outside the more popular motorhomes, so be prepared to get in early or stay late till the crowds thin a little. If you are desperately keen to look at a particular van, speak to the staff on the stand, tell them you are serious about buying and would like a viewing arranged.

Every accessory or component maker associated with the motorhome industry will also have stands, so if you wish you can spend time to discover everything about levelling systems, cooling systems, wall construction systems, chassis towing systems, water systems, heating systems, suspension systems, security systems and many others.

When is it on?

The show is open for 10 days. Normally for the last week of August and the first few days of September.

How do I get there?

Long before you leave to travel, you should join the Caravan Salon Club. There are several perks, and it will save you a few quid on entry fees. Joining the club is free. You can do that here. https://www.caravan-salon-club.de/

Flying in

Anyone who has camped on the Showground will know how close it is to Düsseldorf Airport, so you could make a flying visit and stay in a hotel.

By Road

It’s easy to reach Messe Düsseldorf From the UK by ferry and road. It has its own exit off the A44. You can book on site camping, which makes it easy. You will probably sleep about ¾ mile from the exhibition entrance, but free courtesy buses run from the campground to the show.

Why you really should go

Unmatched Variety:

With the Caravan Salon being Europe’s largest trade fair for mobile leisure, it offers an unparalleled selection of motorhomes, caravans, and equipment from about 700 exhibitors, catering to every taste and budget.

It’s an innovation Showcase:

The event serves as a global platform for unveiling trends and innovations in the motorhome space for the upcoming season, this makes it a must-visit for motorhome enthusiasts.

Enjoy a Unique Experience:

The Caravan Salon transforms the Düsseldorf exhibition grounds into a true motorhome paradise, providing an immersive experience that combines freedom, independence, and a love for nature.

Forget that limp lettuce. Visit Düsseldorf


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