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MotorhomeFun is our home. To make it an overall enjoyable place to be, we have to set our expectations about the behaviour of everyone who enters.

The overall tone of conversation in our forums is very important to us. We are famous for being friendly. So, curt or abrupt responses in our forums are not welcome and can get you banned. If you cannot be courteous we’d rather you did not post last all. If you are a new member, browse around the forums for a while to get a feel for our culture. Look at the flow of our conversations to get a sense for what we consider to be acceptable in posts and topics.

If you’re new and immediately start posting with provoking or inciting comments, don’t be surprised if you’re banned. You won’t get any warnings. In the past, we’ve given yellow cards and spent time trying to coach new members into being nice (see rule 1 below) These days we are too busy to do this and the result is a straight ban. You cannot say you were not warned. Traders see here http://www.motorhomefun.co.uk/forum/resources/rules-for-traders.57/

If the rules below grate with you and you’re ready to get on your high-horse about free speech on the web, then MotorhomeFun isn’t for you; please leave now. If, on the other hand, you enjoy a respectful, engaging dialogue, you have a sense of courtesy to others and a sense of fun, then you are most welcome.

Regarding posting content to MotorhomeFun, we only have 4 simple rules we respectfully ask that you follow. By posting in the forums you are agreeing to abide by these rules. If you do not follow these rules, you may well be banned from the forums. Should you be banned you agree there will be no refund of any subscription fees.

Rule 1 Be Nice.

This is a civilised place for public discussion. Help us make this a great place for conversation by always working to improve the discussion however small. If you are not sure if your post will add to the conversation, think hard before posting. Be agreeable, even when you disagree. We do not allow personal attacks of any kind. Offensive, insulting, profane or vulgar remarks are prohibited. As is telling others to “Get a life “ “Grow up“ or that they or their comments are “silly” “stupid“  “Crap“ or “Bullshit“  As soon as a discussion gets even a little bit personal it will go downhill fast. So don’t get personal “You Would Say That“ or “Only an idiot would do that“ makes it personal. Don’t do it, it ruins the fun atmosphere for everyone.

If someone rubs you up the wrong way, then your reply should address THE POST, rather than the poster or their tone. DO NOT question the intelligence or parenthood of the poster; or make personal comments of ANY kind. Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation. If someone is rude to you, report them. If you respond in kind you are as guilty as they are.   If you really don’t get on with another member then you can “ignore” them. Once ignored you’ll not see their posts. Never tell someone that you have ignored them or you will lose the ability to ignore others.

Know that Spelling and grammar pedants are never nice, we strictly forbid the correcting of other members spelling or grammar, even in jest. Do it and you risk a ban Read more about spelling and grammar here.

Posting crude images or using bad language (swearing) in posts is not nice and could well result in the poster being banned.

Rule 2 Do not post defamatory comments on this forum.

Motorhomefun is not the place to post defamatory posts about any person or company no matter how you might feel justified in doing so. This is a forum to discuss the Fun aspect of motorhomes and not a place to ‘rubbish’ others, spread gossip or assist campaigns against companies or individuals. If you have good or bad things to say about a company, keep these comments only in the review section

Whilst most forums ban the mention of any competitors we allow this, however, please do not provide actual links to other forums which are in any way related to motorhomes. Links from this website are very helpful to our competitors and will help them achieve higher search engine placement to our detriment.

We work hard to attract visitors to our site and we consider it bad manners and poor etiquette when members write posts or include in signatures that are sign-posts pointing our hard-earned visitors to other forums without very good reason. Do not ‘knock’ other forums; while banter is acceptable, never seriously ‘rubbish’ another forum or its members

Rule 4 Traders & Trading

If you are a trader (you sell motorhomes or any motorhome or camping related items or offer services to motorhomes) you must notify admin and they will add the term “Trade Member” under your name. Traders must remember that these forums are for motorhome enthusiasts to discuss their hobby. They are NOT a place for you to sell your wares. You must abide by the trader’s rules outlined here. We are aware that every book written about promoting your company on the web tells you to join a forum and post about your company. Do that here and you will be banned.

You will also earn a ban for spamming the forum with links to your company. Everyone hate’s spammers if you do this it will not show your company in a very good light.

COMMERCIAL LINKS IN SIGNATURES ARE ONLY ALLOWED IF YOU ARE A FORUM SPONSOR. Traders WHO ARE SPONSORS may include a link to commercial sites. They should be one line long only. A traders username cannot be the same or similar to the trading name unless they are a site sponsor. You must choose a suitable username! Any usernames deemed inappropriate and you will be asked to change. Please ensure that your signature is no deeper than 4 lines. No company names or commercial links in signatures unless you are a forum sponsor. Links to commercial sites must be a single slogan OR URL on ONE line in size 2 text and no larger.

No advertising for commercial sites is allowed in the forums or in Conversations, (Sometimes wrongly called private messages) from anyone. Unless the advertising is prepaid and authorised. Admin can search conversation for sales terms.  This includes posting references to other sites that you have a personal commercial interest in. Affiliate links are not allowed in the forums.


If someone breaks any of the rules DO NOT challenge them or respond in kind. For example if someone breaks rule 1 and then you break it responding to them, then expect to be banned with them. There are no excuses for breaking the rules, least of all provocation. REPORT THE POST and let us deal with it. Every post has a link to report it below the post marked ‘Report’


Before posting please do search the forums. Be specific in your searches. If you get too many hits to a search, navigate to a particular forum and use the “search this Forum” button. The software we use at Motorhome fun is very sophisticated; you can even search in particular threads

When posting, DO NOT give your topic a title of: “Help me please!” “I need help!” “I have a question” “Big problem!” “Problems Urgent!” BE SPECIFIC in choosing a title for your post. “Campsite Near Oxford“ or “12v Televisions“ etc. That way they guarantee you get a proper response

Try and post your topic in the respective forum i.e. Mobile Internet questions in the Internet Connections Forum. Don’t worry too much though, a moderator will move it if you make a mistake.

The Belly Locker cannot be seen by Google or non-members this is where any items or threads that might offend will be placed. Even though this forum is restricted viewing do not place racist or vulgar material within.

We’re all for freedom of speech. That said, we will remove or edit posts we consider to contain personal attacks, break the law and/or are obscene, racist, sexist, disableist, ageist or homophobic, once they are brought to our attention, we will also delete any posts we think are just seriously unpleasant (Please note that any subsequent posts repeating the words in the deleted post may be deleted, too.)

If a whole thread is deleted, please don’t start a new one repeating and/or rehashing everything that’s been deleted. Most Funsters consider that to be terrible manners – and it’s highly likely that the new thread will be deleted, too.


If you are a Trader See this!

Privacy Policy

Document updated 2nd July 2019

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