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Happy New Year!

Like you do at this time of year, me and Siân have been doing a bit of reminiscing and reminding ourselves what a great time we had in 2015. We’re really looking forward to 2016. Our New Years Resolution is to attend more rallies as participants rather than working at them. Two great memories of attending rather than working; were the Bring and Buy and Camperjam rallies.  (Coincidentally both organised by haganap, Paul and Nikki), what fun! It reminds us what it’s all about and inspires us to work harder and spread as much fun and adventure as we can.

We wish you all a wonderful 2016 and look forward to seeing you on a rally field soon.

2015 by the numbers

Our website was visited 2.75million times by 807,000 users, those users opened over 24 million pages. We also saw a whopping 48% increase in the number of posts. There were 300,000 in 2014 but last year we made 445,000, and they must have been good as the 'Like Button" was clicked over 600,000 times!


Featured thread this week has to be Ian and Helga go South . If you’ve not read any of IanTheBuilder’s threads then the back story is here when Ian introduced himself and eventually sold his house Put your feet up, read and enjoy.

Ian And Helga Go South !!

Right we are at the ferry port and there's loads of people! Anyone on here from fun I wonder? Hit lots of...

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Threads that got the most views

In Search Of Sun, Sea And Sangria!

Waiting to board the Channel Tunnel, en route to Spain. In search of some fun and winter sunshine. [ATTACH] This...

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Grey Water Dribbler

An Autocruise Augusta left the site yesterday, after first opening his drain on the pitch then left it open all the...

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Condensation - I Didn't Expect That Would Happen

Motorhome parked up at home, still plucking up courage to take for decent test drive before limping to France later...

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Piaggio MP3 500 And Easylifter Hydra-Trail Advice Please For Prospective MHer!

As caravanners getting older (almost 65 and the other one [censored]), we're now looking to buy our first motor...

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Dump Black Water Near York

Hi Looking for somewhere to dump our black water tank in the next couple of days somewhere around York. Anyone know...

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Portsmouth To Santander

Catching the ferry in January what should I expect from the economy class tickets. any free meals. any tips

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What Is "Living The Dream" To You?

Parked for a day yesterday on a massive site in Spain. I was having a cycle around looking for Funster stickers but...

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Covert Grey Water Disposal Device

Inspired by @Techno100 and his postings on motorhome improvements and modifications, I have come up with a brilliant...

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Battery Questions

I have 2 x 115 AH banner batteries,about 3 years old.I also have 2 x 100 watt solar panels fitted.In summer...

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I'm Not Wearing That When We Get The Scooter, She Said!

My partner is very keen we get our planned Piaggio MP3 500 but seems to be on another planet (compared to me) when...

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That's all for this week,  so till next time... 

Have a great week

Jim Brown
Motorhome Enthusiast


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