Top 5 Motorhome Insurance Companies

Searching for the right Motorhome Insurance can be a difficult task.  While the numerous Insurance comparison sites make it easy to find a cheap car insurance quote, it’s a different story for motorhomes.

Even if there were a good motorhome insurance Comparison site, you would likely only get recommendations based on the premium price. Working out how they might perform when you need them is another matter, and most rely on guesswork.

Our motorhome insurance reviews reflect the real-life experiences of our members, and this makes them invaluable. Real policyholders reporting on their experiences; precisely the type of information you need when choosing your motorhome insurance.

The following list of motorhome insurance companies and their position on the list is based on our interpretation of the reviews received. You can see the reviews for yourself here.

5. StaveleyHead

Staveley Head get good reviews for not increasing prices much at all at renewal, so they tend to keep customers quite a while.


A few members point out that if you live in a high crime postcode area they won’t even give you a quote. The majority of those who do take the cover are very happy with it and it seems they keep their customers quite a while with some members saying they have been with them for many years and most of those give them five stars.


Saga have some long term customers and they have an excellent account of them paying out quickly for a total loss. A few moans a bout renewal prices.


Safeguard don’t have as many reviews as the no 1 insurance but the majority of ratings they do have are five stars. There are some accounts of positive claims handling and people are generally impressed with their breakdown service.

At Number 1. The Funsters Favourite Insurer is….

1 Comfort Insurance

Sitting comfortably at the top, with the most reviews and the most five-star reviews are Comfort Insurance. There are also plenty of stories about claims made good with little fuss. A couple of reviewers weren’t happy with the administration but the majority were. Through sheer number of 5 and four star reviews Comfort Insurance just pips Safeguard to the top spot.

Runners up and Notable Mentions

Caravan Guard. This company only has a few reviews but they are 5 star

Club Care Insurance.  This is the camping and caravanning clubs own insurance. Not as popular with Funsters as the others and with fewer reviewers, But of those that do use them they give them five and four-star ratings. A few mentions of renewal prices not being as competitive as the initial quote so be aware at renewal time

AIB Insurance.  AIB have some good reviews, rating consistently high, but sometimes let down by communication issues.