TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan – A Review

tomtomKey Features: A 5in widescreen; Detailed maps for 45 European countries; LIVE services including HD Traffic; Detailed camping and motorhome Points of Interest; Oversized vehicle route calculations.  Manufacturer: TomTom  Price £330

greenlaneWe’ve all been in that situation, blindly following the SatNav and then suddenly realising that the road we are on has grass growing up the middle!.

If we are driving large motorhomes We need intelligent SatNavs that know what we are driving in respect of how high, wide and long we are. The TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan aims to do this and more,

In many respects, the Camper & Caravan is the same device as the GO LIVE 1005 and GO LIVE 1005 World.

The TomTom GO LIVE Camper & Caravan features a 5-inch widescreen and comes enabled with a year’s subscription to TomTom’s LIVE services, including the excellent HD Traffic which is the best of any Live Traffic systems I’ve seen.  The Camper & Caravan also comes with maps for 45 European countries pre-loaded, so can take you on that motorhome trip to France and beyond.  The mount is the same, too, it’s simple and allows the device to be attached hanging down from the windscreen or sticking up from the dashboard. An adhesive mounting disc is provided to help with this, so you can provide a clean surface instead of the textured plastic used by most vehicle fascias. Its a good sturdy mount.


A long time user of the 910 I was immediately at home with the menu setup but the touch screen of this new TomTom was as poor as the old 910.  Maybe we are spoilt by the screens on modern mobiles, but the TomTom touch screen is poor and unresponsive especially if you are like me and a little fat thumbed.  It is so frustrating and difficult to enter even postcode!


The route calculator is quick and while it does take you the long way round it is very good at keeping you on suitable roads that is until it stops, yes it just stops and freezes, normally when you have no idea where you are, this happened to me so many times that I would plot routes on my iPhone as back up fTOMTOMCARAVAN2or when it froze.  The freezing followed no particular pattern and it was always a surprise to look at it and see the moving map was 5 miles behind.

This company has real competition from the smart phone and from other makers like Garmin and Snooper offering better maps and with free lifetime updates, something you don’t get with this TomTom.  Looks like this will be the last TomTom I will buy and I can’t recomend it.