Satellite TV Owners Come Dine With Me Misery


At a rally in Oxford the other day a ‘domestic’ broke out in the  motorhome next door.  The satellite dish above the motorhome had been twirling for ages unable to get a fix. The owner, let’s call him Brian  was being scolded by his wife as she was missing Come Dine With Me. Brian was sure this was because of a tree.  More ructions occurred when he packed everything away and moved to a new pitch, only to find that the sat dish still would not lock on even when looking at an unobstructed clear blue sky.

What Brian didn’t know is that that there are some changes taking place in the world of satellite frequencies. The number of channels is increasing and the frequencies are changing. This of course mostly affects automatic dishes which are pre-programmed to lock onto one frequency when they are switched on. If it cannot find this frequency then it will keep doing it’s merry dance forever.  If you have experienced problems then contact our supplier who should be able to help you re-program your equipment.


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Jim is a long time motorhome enthusiast travelling extensively in the UK and Europe. Averaging 12000 motorhome miles a year. He has owned many motorhomes both British and Continental. His present motorhome is a 27ft C class RV.

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